License GNU Gpl. V. 0.2. Source code : gimp2spip - gimp2spip_functions

Transform a gimp image map code to an hyperlandscape image map code for SPIP using IEP templates with jquery.panorama.enhanced.js.

Play attention, your gimp image map code must be compliant with IEP SPIP templates !

Hyperlandscape image map code generator for SPIP.

Fill the form below, click on the "Build Spip code" button and the SPIP hyperlandscape image map code will be coming here. Then copy / paste it in your spip article.

Panoramic file name (required).
Panoramic title (not required, max 20 chars).
Gimp image map code (required) :


Panoramic file name is the name of the file of the panoramic you uploaded with SPIP, without the path "IMG/<type>/". Example below : "bois_de_la_cambre1.jpg"

Panoramic file name image

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